Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why I Signed Up For Book Bub

 I love to read, even though I don't have as much time as I used to. I really love to have great recommendations from friends and Good Reads is a good source too, but I don't like to pay top dollar for my books. I now read mainly on my phone, so I buy books from online sources (heh, heh, you can guess which source(s) those might be)! But when I found out the great benefits that Book Bub has to offer, I went ahead and signed up and I wasn't disappointed! Here are the top reasons I decided to add Book Bub to my reading recommendation list and buy from them as well!

1) All of their books are free or deeply discounted!
2) They are top quality reads
3) They have limited time deals, so it's important to act when you see the right book or deal.
4) Only best-selling books or best-selling authors that are critically acclaimed are on Book Bub.
5) It matches my individual interests as a reader. When I signed up, they gave me the opportunity to indicate which types of books I like, so I don't get loads of unwanted book deals on my list.
6) Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds and they never sell my e-mail.

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