Monday, June 27, 2016

Work Up A Life Plan Now! #LifeReimagined

Do you feel like you haven't accomplished the goals you had when you were younger because you were the one that took care of everyone else? Did life happen and darn it, there just wasn't time or energy to accomplish those dreams right then? Don't beat yourself up, you did the right thing. But now, it's time for you!!! You have the chance right now to achieve every dream you ever wanted to. But it does take a little planning, a little guidance, and a little self-analyzing.

Don't throw your mid-life years away because they can be the most fulfilling years yet!
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 Here are some things you can do to get yourself on the fast track to health, happiness, and success!

1) Take an inventory of your assets: What do you have that you can use to further your goals? Do you have a car, house, property, an insurance plan, retirement benefits? Take stock of everything, no matter how small.

2) Take an inventory of your wisdom: What have you learned that you didn't know 20 years ago? Do you realized that time has given you some amazing knowledge that younger people can't take advantage of? Usually what younger people know in theory, they still have to learn in the school of hard knocks. You've been there!

3) What are some things you'd like to learn? Take a class, do some research, take some time to find out that you can build on what you already know and become an expert in the fields you're already interested in.

4) Separate myth from truth. There are a lot of fact vs. fiction bytes of information going around. Figure out which ones are true and which aren't. If you have a dream about traveling somewhere, don't just assume you can't do it! If you want to achieve the best relationship you've ever had, do it!

A great place to do all of this is through a website called 'Life Reimagined' It is literally a blueprint to help people figure out what it is they want to do and give them the tools to show them how to do it.  I love how you can go into the website and click Explore.  Read articles about work, relationships, and well-being. Find out about events near you. Find out how the program works. You can also choose to try the whole program out for a week for free and talk to a professional life coach just to get you started, sifting through what may be unnecessary baggage you're holding on to! I love this idea and think anyone can benefit from these tools. But not everyone has the wisdom to take advantage of what this program offers. Check it out and let me know what you discover!

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