Thursday, February 11, 2016

Avocados From Mexico 20 Winners Will Win A $200 Cash Gift Card!

Through February 31st, Avocados from Mexico's "Team AFM” Promotion will be giving away $200 Cash Gift Cards in honor of the Avocados from Mexico Big Game commercial! Just head on over and sign in with your Twitter or Facebook.
Once you’ve signed up, we are going to ask that you share messages to your friends to vote for the Avocados from Mexico spot AND vote for it yourself on AdBlitz.
1. Twenty (20) users will be randomly selected to win a $200 gift card. To qualify for selection, every 100 points you earn = 1 entry into this selection (20 entries max). 

Ways to Earn 

1. Share Avocados from Mexico content and news to your social networks and get points for clicks and more. Once you share content, you’ll receive 30 points for each click on that content

2. For every friend you get to join, you’ll score 100 points

3. Create and share your favorite recipes for 200 points

4. Score 50 points for each additional network you connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube 

5. Much More

*This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

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