Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Experience At Master Muffler in #Utah

I recently brought my car into Master Muffler to get my oil changed.  I know, right?  It's a muffler shop!  But it's very common for brake shops, tire shops and other car maintenance centers to also do oil changes because it is such a basic service. As a matter of fact, Master Muffler does all kinds of repair work and services all makes and models of cars, including Japanese and European cars!

The lobby was very clean, and had great magazines and vending machines, along with some good t.v. shows going on.  The restrooms were in good condition as well.  

I was impressed with the reviews that customers had given the shop for various services.  It was a 4.3 out of 5 on Google+, which is very favorable. 

The shop looked as though it was quite busy and had quite a few cars in the bay, waiting to be serviced.  I loved how instead of having to hoist it up above, they drove the car right onto some tracks.  A pit was underneath, where the repairmen could just walk under and do their work,  It seems that it would save them time because they don't have to jack up the car to work underneath it.  It also seems more safe. 

About Master Muffler:  In business since 1963, one of their 14 Utah Locations is sure to be close to you! They use diagnostic scanners like Master Tech to connect to your vehicle’s on-board computer to find “check engine” codes, as well as on-line diagnostic programs like “Alldata” and “Identifix” that utilize the most up to date computer programs for model specifications and trouble-shooting malfunctions.  In other words, they have cool gadgets to diagnose your car's problems!

If you click on their site, you can get some downloadable coupons, including $10 off inspection and emissions, only $26.95 for an oil change, $59.95 for a full synthetic oil change and $50 off brake pads or shoes!

They also have a great blog with a lot of great posts worth checking out.  Read about some great off-road jeep trails in Utah, some of the best scenic highways in Utah,  some of the world's most expensive and fastest cars, signs that your muffler needs replacing, tire tips, and more!

It's nice to have a reliable place you can get your car maintained wherever you go in Utah.  That would be Master Muffler!

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