Saturday, November 1, 2014

3 Reasons Why I Quit The Gym

I've been a member of my local gym for quite awhile and have quite enjoyed it.  But I think maybe my days of the gym may be over for a few reasons. It's called time and money and health.


My Time is so valuable these days that taking even 15 minutes to prepare for the gym (you know you can't go there looking bad) and then to travel the 5 minutes both ways, making that almost a half hour, is more time than I have to spare, especially if presented with a better alternative.  If I can save an hour and a half per week by cutting out travel and prep time, then I'm all for it! 


My gym charges $28 per month for membership and that is because we have preferred status since being members for over a year.  But even that seems too much.  Yes, I like the classes, the pool, the sauna, and the weights and the spinning room.  But how much, honestly, did I use any of these things?  Probably the most-used amenities were the classes.  I love yoga and dance.  So I really enjoyed going to those classes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend them as much as I wanted because, of course, they aren't scheduled around my hectic life.  Instead, I had to schedule my already hectic life around them.  If I can wrangle a better price for classes, I'd like to do it!


I don't want to risk getting any sicknesses right before the holidays, or anytime for that matter.  It's a well-known fact that Bacterial, Viral and Fungal diseases like Athlete's Foot are rampant in popular gyms.  Things like Staph and Strep are lurking in the showers, on the floors, and on mats and equipment.  You can always wipe equipment off with anti-bacterial wipes, but it only takes one bad exposure.  So why risk it, especially since it's $30 that I can be saving towards Christmas? 

One alternative is to do your exercising at home or with friends.  There are a lot of programs cropping up that you can do at home.  Beach Body is one.  I've gotten on that wagon, but I feel so bad when I end up breaking my promises and committments to my coach and group because of unforeseen circumstances.  Even the food groups are stressful because you have to come clean about what you ate that week.  I don't like the pressure I feel to actually lie about my success to save face over a bad eating week.  And I don't like the pressure I feel to buy their shakes and videos, etc. 

Daily Burn is another option.  I like the idea that Daily Burn is more anonymous, yet still very supportive.  It's the future of online workouts. They have the whole package. You can achieve your goals with their variety of workout videos, community support, and more. You can try it free for 30 days. After that, it's only $10!  They can also opt for a $15 package that includes nutrition plans. They have a couple different landing pages loaded for our various products such as Yoga, Inferno, and Move! a dance aerobics workout.

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