Saturday, April 5, 2014

#BloggerOp - Nutty For NeoCell $50 Product Giveaway

For those of you who have tried NeoCell, it's a great product that makes a huge difference in your skin, hair and nails! Open to US residents, 18+ or older. 1 winner will receive 2 different flavors of Beauty Bursts along with the Keratin Hair Supplement. FREE Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' or Pinterest Link For Participating! As a participant, you will need to post the official giveaway on your site (your own brief wording+related html), running it as a giveaway. You will also need to promote this giveaway at least 3X per week on Twitter, Facebook and/or Pinterest. Please have at least 3500 followers on the site(s) you choose to promote on or pay the $2.00 participation fee. The more you promote this, the more you will get visitors to your site to enter, which means traffic to your site. One of the required entries will be a comment on your page if they enter on that page, so that will also be a plus for your blog! (Comments are always good for SEO reasons) HTML Post code will be sent on April 13th. Co-Host link includes link-back and 3 free links! This will be $6.00 via Paypal. Also, if you would like additional links, you may have up to 3 additional for .50 each via Paypal. Sign-ups close 4/12/14 ~*~No announcement required~*~ The Blogger who has the most refers to this sign up will get an additional link for FREE. Refer more than 6 and get a link back!  Sign up here!

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