Sunday, April 29, 2012

Louis Vuitton Purse Giveaway Blogger Event!

I have decided to do another blogging event this month.  It looks like fun and I haven't heard of a Louis Vuitton Event before.  I would love, love, love to have a designer bag from Louis Vuitton.  This event runs from May 12 - June 12, so quite a long time!  
If you would like to do more than just participate with your name in the linky somewhere down the list, then you should put in a bid to be a sponsor!   The 5 highest bidders get the top 5 positions in the giveaway AND their htmls in the url of the event blog post.  The bid money will be used for flash giveaways and for prize money for the bloggers.  If you are interested, go here to fill out the form!  Please tell them Helena at 'A Gal Needs At Least 2 Blogs' sent you! There is an incentive for referring people to this event!  
Some other things you should know:  You must post something on your blog to advertise the event AND there is one free social media option for you on the linky as a thank you for promoting the event.  Which one it is depends on the general consensus of the participating bloggers, from what I understand!  So come on and have some fun!  See you there!

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