Friday, March 30, 2012

Cougar Town

Written by Sonny Quinn

I want to ask if I am the only person out there who puts things on their DVR just to have back up shows to watch in case their main favorites run out. I am thinking that I am not alone in this practice but I want to see a show of hands! I just added Cougar Town to my recorded lineup and as I was adding it I thought to myself, “am I really going to watch this?” I have watched the show in the past but it was never really one of my favorites it was just kind of there to watch if there was nothing else on that was more desirable. I have not started watching the new season yet so I don’t want to judge but I am pretty sure that I will feel about the same towards it as I did last season. I really like Courtney Cox as a person but as the character she plays in this show I am little annoyed with her. She is highly neurotic and drinks a lot more wine than a person her size should be able to handle. Check out to see about getting Cougar Town to judge for yourself.

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