Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Way To Do Shopping Research

Being self-employed and working out of the home has exposed both strengths and weaknesses of mine that have proven a benefit in the long run.  It’s one thing to have the talent to attack a specific market, provide a particular service, or invent/create a needed product, but it’s the “other” needed talents, which I don’t possess adequately, that have been the biggest headache for me.

An example would be organization.  I started off with an old work desk that provided plenty of work space, but was missing half its drawers.  The work space was great in that it accommodated all my technology (PC, monitor, speakers, phone, printer, scanner, copier, wireless modem, etc.) and all my mess (notepads, scratch paper, files, bills, books, checking/savings statements, taxes, etc.), in that last case, too much paper mess to adequately describe.

What I needed was a new work desk, but not just any work desk but one that was designed simply.  One that was efficient and practical.  It’s not that I needed exceptional talent to organize, but an exceptional desk that allowed me to best utilize my minimal organizational talent at the maximum.

A little research produced the secretary desk with filing cabinet options found at  With so many choices and excellent product descriptions (compare 31 w/secretary desks), I was able to find the perfect desk/cabinet combination that fit my needs.  Now a little less time worrying about my organizational skills translates into more time spent where my talent really does me some good.  Sales!

Now on to the next dilemma in my life—you see, I need to find a shower cover plate for my master bathroom...


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