Friday, August 12, 2011

I Love My Deck

It has been so much fun eating dinner outside in the cool of the evenings on our deck this summer!  I've got a love for comfortable outdoor furniture in the warm summer months, along with beautiful flowers!  Great conversation and great food is what I can enjoy when I've got a deck with chairs and tables to do it.   One of these days we'll invest in some patio furniture!  Until then, we make due with camp chairs, etc.
    Our deck has some beautiful hanging flower arrangements and a big standing flower pot.  It was so neat because while I DID plant the hanging baskets this year, I didn't do anything with the big flower pot.  I was surprised when a few sprouts came up after all of the rain we had this year.  So I started watering them and now, the whole thing is full of beautiful petunias.  I also love our little hummingbird feeder!  We get our cute little "pets" zooming in to check out the nectar in the early evening hours before they go back to their little nests for the night.

     I guess if I didn't have a deck I'd go to the park in the evenings and set up some chairs there and do a picnic or a barbeque there!  
    The only big problem this year is that we live near Utah Lake and closer yet to a standing duck pond.  The mosquitoes have been horrible.  They are worse this year than any previous year.  So while we have had plenty of rain and snow this year, it has definitely caused the mosquitoes to come out in full force.  But it's still very nice until the sun has gone down completely.  One of these days we will move into another house and it had better have a nice deck so I can enjoy my days outside!!  

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Mrs. No-No said...

wow! your deck looks awesome (even with the camp chairs - lol). i love the big open spaces of your "yard" looks like it goes on forever. everyone in california has fences, so when you sit in the back of your place, you are really just in the back of
this looks relaxing just how it is (maybe citronella spray or candles?) and it looks (to me!) like you are all set to relax!
have a great monday!
thanks for stopping by!
carla :)

Mrs. NoNo Knows